ChemCode technology ensures that the world's high-value materials and products are authentic.

We are a European Startup with a proprietary identification additive technology with the capability to generate a unique internal signature and virtually indestructible fingerprint.

ChemCode technology has the potential of ensuring the authenticity of goods, trace the origin of production, and mark raw materials and products without restrictions of size, quantity, or location.

Some of our characteristics include:
○ Inorganic elements
○ Only 0,01 wt% needed
○ Versatile Material Integration
○ Extreme Durability
○ Unique Forensic Properties
○ Chemical Resistant
○ Encrypted Formulation
○ High-Temperature Resistance (Up to 1000°C)
○ Proprietary / Patented technology
○ Fluorescent, Magnetic & Other engineered options
Our first-generation application includes Polymers and Blasting agents, Additive Manufacturing, Surface Coatings, and Inks.

Particles you can trust.



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Our first-generation application includes blasting agents and extruded polymers. Additive Manufacturing, surface coatings, and inks test will start on 2021.

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